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Tow leash Biothane Primrose

Tow leash Biothane Primrose

We manufacture our Primrose leash from extremely durable and easy-care Biothane, which feels and looks like leather.

Ideal if you are often out in the rain or mud, or if you are looking for an extremely resistant leash.

The hand seam made of waxed thread makes the Primrose as beautiful as it is robust.


We also have the Primrose harness (also as a safety harness)

Tow leashes are the ideal companion when your darling misbehaves outside of your reach, puts on draft or wants to take care of your dinner.

Extremely robust - Biothane is 100% waterproof and very durable

Personal engraving - the name of your darling on their leash

Exactly your style - choose the color of the Biothane and the fittings

  • Care instructions

    Biothane is indestructible. Dirt and water simply roll off and stubborn clumps of mud can simply be wiped off. Our choice in case of persistent downpour.


    Paracord is a strong yarn. As with leather, the paracord can simply be brushed off after the slush has dried

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