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Branded collar Larch

Branded collar Larch

You have a little breakaway king at home or your dog usually runs without a collar, but you don't want him to walk around in unknown areas without a phone number - so that he can call you if it takes longer because he has met someone or he had to queue at the bakery.

Then you need our brand ribbon. - it is made of thin leather and decorated with colorful wrapping according to your taste. We can engrave the name and phone number of your favorite, or you just put in the tax stamp and one of our stamps.


The tape is simply pulled over the head, but should be so tight that it cannot slip down by itself. For this we need the head circumference at the widest point (usually at the base of the ears), which is usually around the neck circumference + 4cm

Personal engraving - your favorite's name on their collar

Exactly your style - choose the color of the leather and the fittings

Bling Bling - Choose a pendant for this collar for free

  • Care instructions

    Our leather products are greased or waxed, so water, mud and dirt cannot penetrate the leather. After an extensive mud bath, simply let the collar dry and then brush off the dirt with a brush. To care for the leather, grease it every few months (e.g. with leather oil or shoe cream)




    The yarn we use is waxed, so dirt cannot penetrate the fiber and discolor the yarn. As with leather, the thread can simply be brushed off after the mud has dried

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