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Ivy collar

Ivy collar

We manufacture our Ivy from high quality, sustainable 10mm thick hemp rope. The special thing about this collar is that it is a branded collar and short guide in one. You just put it on the wuffe like a pull-stop collar and if you have to hold it briefly so that the fat neighbor cat can climb the tree, you just take Mr / Ms. dog by the pretty horn ball.


In addition, the rope is completely robust and, thanks to its natural plant substances, resistant to mold. With the wrapping of leather and thread (the colorful cords on the left in the picture) you can personalize the Ivy according to your ideas.


  • Ideal for water rats - the hemp rope is 100% mold-resistant
  • Exactly your style - choose the color of the tacking and the fittings
  • Bling Bling - Choose a pendant for this collar for free
  • Care instructions

    The hemp rope lies soft in the hand and is also used on ships because of its durability. It does not absorb water or dirt.


    The yarn we use is waxed, so dirt cannot penetrate the fiber and discolor the yarn. As with leather, the thread can simply be brushed off after the mud has dried

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