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Juniper collar adjustable

Juniper collar adjustable

SKU: 0001

The chic Juniper is our all-rounder with its playful details. A real eye-catcher that can withstand a lot thanks to its resistant materials.

We manufacture the collar from double-layered 10mm thick hemp rope and in the area of the buckle from soft fat leather. With the adapter on the buckle, the neck circumference can be adjusted in a range of around 10cm, making it perfect for growing dogs!

Our hemp rope impresses with its sustainability and is also noble and robust.

Hemp rope is known for its natural resistance to mold and UV resistance. Hemp is also a naturally growing raw material that does not have to be injected due to its robustness against environmental influences and which is therefore considered to be particularly sustainable and low in pollutants.

We also have the Juniper (hemp rope) or Pine (leather) leash to match

  • A collar for everything - chic and robust
  • Adjustable size - ideal if your darling is still growing and getting bigger
  • Exactly your style - combine your favorite colors as you like
  • Bling Bling - Choose a pendant for this collar for free


  • care instructions

    Our leather products are greased or waxed, so water, mud and dirt can not penetrate the leather. After an extensive mud bath, simply let the collar dry and then brush off the dirt with a brush. To care for the leather greases every few months (eg with leather oil or shoe cream)
    The Hanftau lies soft in the hand and is used because of its durability on ships. It absorbs water and dirt, but is resistant to mold. After drying, the dirt can be brushed off, so even the dew in pure after several mud baths looks like new once it has dried
    The yarn we use is waxed so dirt can not penetrate the fiber and discolor the yarn. Like the leather, the yarn can be brushed off after the mud has dried

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