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Collar Hazel

Collar Hazel

Our Hazel collar offers a playful design for playful four-legged friends. Since we only make it from leather and waxed thread / leather wrapping, it is extremely robust and colorful. It is also ideal if you want to have a personal engraving of names or symbols on your collar.

The collar is about 10cm adjustable and therefore also suitable for growing dogs

We use narrower straps for small dogs. You determine the color, simply state which color you would like to have in the note when completing the order.

we have the Hazel or Tulip leash (with braid) to match

  • Personal engraving - your favorite's name on their collar
  • Exactly your style - choose the color of the leather and the fittings
  • Bling Bling - Choose a pendant for this collar for free


  • care instructions

    Our leather products are greased or waxed, so water, mud and dirt can not penetrate the leather. After an extensive mud bath, simply let the collar dry and then brush off the dirt with a brush. To care for the leather greases every few months (eg with leather oil or shoe cream)
    The yarn we use is waxed so dirt can not penetrate the fiber and discolor the yarn. Like the leather, the yarn can be brushed off after the mud has dried

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