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Biothane harness Primrose

Biothane harness Primrose

Send in bad weather!
We rivet our Primrose harness from extremely light and weather-resistant Biothane, which you can customize with a wrap in the colors of your choice. You can wash it off with water at any time.

We adapt it exactly to the dimensions of your four-legged friend. You can easily adjust the waist belt. If you want, we can also equip the neck strap with buckles so that you can also adjust the seat here. For dogs with a deep chest (e.g. greyhounds) we recommend the variant with the additional bars under the chest, so that the harness fits even better

Please stand the dog or measure an existing harness. Measurement errors always happen, so we offer a free adjustment of the dishes at any time, just send us the dishes again and note what should be changed.

Variants adjustability:
1 * Belly: A buckle on the waist belt with an adjustability of about 10cm (recommended for adult dogs who are used to harnesses and for small dogs)

2 * Belly: Two buckles, each on the right and left of the belly belt, result in an adjustability of around 20cm in total (for dogs that wear a coat under their harness in winter or that are still on / off and for dogs that are still growing - small / medium-sized breeds from 6 months, large breeds from 10 months)

2 * neck bridge: 2 additional buckles on the neck bridge (for dogs that are still growing strongly, younger than 6 / or 10 months, who are still growing / losing a lot - be careful with small dogs (the buckles are the heaviest on the harness, therefore we recommend fewer buckles for very small dogs, the natural stretching of the leather during use is usually sufficient to grow with them)

We are happy to manufacture the harness with a click lock (s), which helps, for example, dogs who do not like harnesses or are anxious to get dressed

Special feature when choosing a click fastener: The harnesses have a buckle in addition to each click fastener, as the leather stretches a little when in use and this is the only way to guarantee an optimal fit. This means that we only recommend the simple adjustment option for small dogs (1 * belly). Click fasteners on the neck strap are not possible, but also not useful.

We have matching the Birch collar and the Birch leash

  • Easy to care for - just wash off and you're done
  • Perfect fit - made-to-measure with adjustable waist belt
  • Personal engraving - the name of your favorite on their dishes
  • Exactly your style - choose the color of the Biothane, the winding and the fittings


  • care instructions

    Biothane is indestructible. Mud and water just puff off and stubborn mud can easily be wiped off. Our choice in case of persistent downpour.
    Paracord is a strong yarn. As with leather, the paracord, after the mud has dried, is simply brushed off

  • perfect fitting

    If something does not fit perfectly when you try it on, we will adjust it for you for free

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